How a high school student broke the
1530 barrier in less
than 60 days

For months, I couldn't get higher than 1460 on my SAT practice tests. Ever), other week or so, I'd sit down and take a full SAT practice test excluding the essay. My friend told me about the Achieve the SAT Breakthrough courses and his tutor who was using them. Because of that I found out that was really terrible at line reference questions and understanding infographic questions; just like the sheets in the book show us. Finally, after about 2 months, I passed the 1500 score mark on a few practice tests, and on my last SAT exam, I got 1570. -Karen

My son and I came to Perfect Your Education test-prep center to get more help with the reading part of the SAT since his math was nearly perfect, but the verbal was less than desired. By using the 'Achieve the SAT Breakthrough' course material made specifically to target question types, such as line references, the courses helped him a lot. They target parts of the SAT that many students may have trouble with. He got 1530 an his SAT and with other factors, my son got into Cornell.

• Don’t get fooled by the tricks In the questions, have a specific method to find those tricks

• Know the weak points by having an analytical tool to sieve through the test data

• Ensure you focus on the problem areas by having a strategy to pinpoint the weak points

• Tailor fit for what you need by focusing on those weak points

• Minimize your risk by investing a fraction of the cost of other SAT programs